By backing the game, you'll get your name in the credits along with access to our exclusive backer forum!  
  Would you like access to the beta of the game as well as the amazing soundtrack by Skyler McGlothlin? They are available for only $10 more!  
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  $10 - Developer Commentary   $10 - Digital Art book  
Listen to Matt Gilgenbach talk through a video playthrough of the game while explaining where the ideas and inspiration for the game came from.   The digital art book will include early sketches and concept art and show an evolution of the art style and the assets in game over time.
  $20 - Designer's Notebook   $25 - Unreleased Novel  
The designer's notebook is an ebook that features all the documents we made during the process of designing the game.   Matt Gilgenbach wrote a novel to communicate what he was went through in his battle with mental illness. Purchase an annoted version that explains the autobiographical aspects.
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